BMW Installation Notes and Tips

Please have all Vanguard Performance products installed by a professional auto mechanic. Vanguard Performance is not liable for any installation errors made and/or damage caused by such errors.

M3 Titanium Exhaust System for E90, E92, E93

The best method for installation is to un-bolt all of the stock exhaust hanger supports and attach them to the new exhaust before placing the new exhaust on the car.

M3 Hanger Support Removed

Titanium alloys are not the same as your conventional stainless steel system. Titanium is one of the strongest and lightest metals to work with. It is recommended if you are unfamiliar with working with titanium, please find a qualified installer that is. Please do not attempt to adjust the pipes with any external force or tools. The piping has been precision engineered for your vehicle and will fit properly.

Please do not over-torque the screws on the adjustable tips. The tips are secure with a moderate degree of tightness.

335i Stainless Steel Exhaust System for E90, E92

For perfect alignment, please bolt on the exhaust one piece or a time as it is going on the car, installing a pre-assembled exhaust might not allow you to achieve the tip alignment you need.

For maximum performance, the stock exhaust vacuum line near the left rear bumper will need to be plugged during installation. Please plug, zip-tie, clamp or otherwise plug the vacuum line prior to running the vehicle. This is referred to as the Golf Tee or Ball Bearing mod.

335 Vacuum Line plugged

Please reuse the stock transmission support braces. A longer bolt has been supplied.

335 Transmission Brace

For 335i Exhaust version with adjustable tips:

Once your tip alignment is finalized, please tack weld the tips for maximum security.