Why choose a Titanium Exhaust from Vanguard Performance?

Benefits of a Titanium Exhaust

There are many benefits of a Titanium exhaust system, particularly the Vanguard Performance Titanium Exhaust. A performance titanium system is a great all around upgrade from everyday driving to weekends at the track. The titanium alloy found in our exhaust system has many advantages over the typical stainless or mild steel found in most aftermarket products.

High Strength to Weight, Titanium Advantages

The foremost is its high strength to weight ratio, allowing us to manufacture extremely strong and rigid exhaust systems while delivering a substantial weight savings over the stock exhaust unit. Because titanium is stronger yet lighter than steel we are able to create an exhaust system that holds up to abuse better than its steel counterparts while weighing only a fraction of typical OEM factory exhaust systems.

Vanguard design = Power

Our titanium and stainless exhaust systems are specially designed to provide the most efficient balance of exhaust flow increase thus yielding real performance gains across the power-curve.

Less weight = Faster

Like a diet for athletes, the weight savings of our titanium exhaust systems substantially increases a vehicle’s power to weight ratio and results in very real performance gains.

Vanguard aerospace grade Titanium

Applied in aerospace applications, titanium (Ti) is an extremely potent metal. It maintains its strength and characteristics easily in temperatures above 500 degrees Celsius. Titanium is also very resistant to corrosion, unlike stainless steel exhaust units which may decay or develop rust under even normal driving and weather conditions. At Vanguard we choose the very best aerospace grade titanium from the best foundries – rust, dulling and corrosion is a thing of the past when running a Vanguard Titanium exhaust.

Comparison of metals:

Alloy Melting Point (Celsius) Strength (KSI) Weight
Titanium 1668 150 Light
Aluminium 660 60 Light
Stainless 1527 84 Moderate
Iron 1536 220 Heavy

Why buy a titanium exhaust?

Typically titanium is found in the most demanding applications including airframe and jet engine parts, aircraft engine compressor blades and ducting, cryogenic vessels, deep sea maritime salt water vessels, steam turbine blades, rocket motor cases, weapons ordinance components, extra planetary space vehicles and more. Our products are engineered for maximum performance and durability. Choose a Vanguard Performance Titanium Exhaust system for your vehicle today.